Rwr weapons

Weapons in Running with Rifles are the basis of game play. Firearms are made with voxels which makes them 3D objects and grenades are 2D sprites. Each weapon is unique with different characteristics and specifications. There are currently 19 weapons in the game.


There are currently three main types of weapons available, consisting of.

'Melee:' Currently the only the melee weapon (default key "V") which allows for instant kills and breaking open crates. Melee weapons do not allow for friendly fire.

'Firearms:' Usually the primary weapon in combat allowing for ranged fighting and can not inflict friendly fire. There are currently 15 different firearms.

'Grenades:' Projectile weapons that allow for multiple kills and can devastate bunched up enemies. If used correctly they can open up large holes in the enemy lines and are often a great tool for storming and taking over bases. Grenades cause panic and send soldiers running, often exposing them as they run from cover. Grenades can inflict friendly fire.


Knife - Melee weapon, All soldiers are equipped with one, one shot kill.

Beretta M9 - Semi automatic pistol. 15 round magazine. 3RP.

Desert Eagle - Semi automatic .50 cal pistol. 7 round magazine. 10RP.

AK47 - Fully automatic, 30 round magazine assault rifle. 2 RP.

G36 - Fully automatic, 30 round magazine. Similar - but not identical - to AK47. 2 RP.

M16A4 - 3 round burst. 30 round magazine. 2RP.

FAMAS G1 - 3 round burst. 25 round magazine. 10RP.

L85A2 - 3 round burst. 30 round magazine. 10RP.

SG 552 - Semi automatic high powered rifle. 30 round magazine. 20RP.

M240 - Heavy 100-round belt machine gun with a long reload time. Can only fire if supported or prone. 2RP.

IMI NEGEV - Similar to the m240. 100 round magazine. 2RP.

PKM - Crossover between the assault rifles and machine guns, 80 round belt, can only fire crouched or otherwise supported.

MP5SD - A lightweight silenced submachine gun with a short reload. 4RP.

Mossberg - A standard shotgun with 8 shell capacity and individual-shell reloading. 2RP.

Frag Grenade - Can carry between 2 and 4, and thrown using (default) G. Detonates after a fixed time period. 2RP.

Impact Grenade - Similar to frag grenades, but explode on impact. 2RP.

Draguvnov SVD - Shorter vision than the M24A2, as well as less accuracy but a much higher rate of fire. 4RP.

M24A2 - Long range sniper rifle, 10 rounds magazine, almost always kills in one hit. 4RP.

PSG-90 - Long range sniper rifle, 10 round magazine. 4 RP.

M72 LAW - A rocket launcher. Fairly innacurate, best used to take out enemy vehicles. Same explosion as a grenade. 4 RP.

M2 Carl Gustav - A rocket launcher. 4RP.

RPG-7 - A less accurate rocket propelled grenade launcher. 3RP.

M79 Grenade launcher - Launches short-med range grenades. 25RP.

There are 6 rare weapons as well: AK74U, Benelli M4, F2000, P90, Pepperduster, and the VSS Vintorez.